car loan
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Mit einem Bankkredit können Sie finanzielle Engpässe überbrücken, spontan verreisen oder ungeplante Anschaffungen oder Ausgaben tätigen.

Car loan

Would you like to buy a car or motorcycle? A car loan serves as a suitable car financing for the purchase of a new or used car. Often you can negotiate also reductions with car dealers if an offered car or motorcycle is be paid directly in cash.

To be one step closer to your dream vehicle, you can use our loan calculator to calculate your personal monthly loan installments, based on your desired loan and term of the loan. recommends a car loan for a car purchase. The car loan is in many cases the better solution than a leasing. See the advantages of a car loan compared to a car leasing at a glance.


Compare a car loan and a leasing

Car loan


Financing with a car loan, the car becomes ride away your property.

With a lease, you are indeed the physical owner of the car, but the leasing company remains the legally owner

The car can be personalized as property.

The car has to be returned (if not bought out) in the same conditions as you received it.

You can sell the car and set the price for resale on your own.

Usually you return the car to the leasing company. You also can buy it  for price of the contractually pre-fixed residual value. (flat rate depreciation values that are often higher than effective depreciation)

You can choose the car insurance you want.

You have to have a a car insurance against all risks(Vollkakso) and the insurance company is often prescribed.

For questions about the car loan or other loan issues, feel free to call our finance specialist on the free hotline 0800 55 55 00.

  1. Laufzeit: 6-120 Monate; Max. jährlicher Zinssatz inkl. aller Kreditkosten  4.4% - 9.95%
  2. Berechnungsbeispiel: Kredit über CHF 10'000.–. Ein effektiver Jahreszins zwischen 4.4% und 9.95% ergibt bei einer Laufzeit von 12 Monaten Gesamtzinskosten zwischen CHF 235.16 und CHF 523.40.
  3. Die Kreditvergabe ist verboten, falls sie zur Überschuldung führt. (Art. 3 UWG)
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